I think many Emacs users often feel not user-friendly to use the software where we cannot use Emacs-like keybindings. If we have to use such software many times, I think we should change the keybindings and perhaps make some new function to use similary to Emacs. I often use Excel, Word and some other sofwares of Microsoft especially in my office. So I firstly made Excel VBA module file to enable Emacs users to use Excel with less stress.


  • Emacs-like selection moving (forward: C-f, backward: C-b, next: C-n, previous: C-p)
  • Move end/start in the active row (end: C-e, start: C-a)
  • Kill/Insert row (kill: C-k insert: C-i)
  • Keep windows common keybindings (Copy: C-c, Paste: C-v)
  • Scroll up/down (up: C-u, down: C-d)
  • Other powerful functions
    • SheetForward / SheetPrevious : Select the next/previous sheet
    • CreateSheet : Create the new sheet named by your input
    • MoveRow / MoveCol : Move the selection toward the row/column direction by inputted number/alphabet
  • Refered to EmacsMode.bas in this


Simply import the module file myEmacsKey.bas and execute. Refer to README in details.


Refer to README.

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