Using wpa_supplicant as the authetification software of Wi-Fi network, every time I connect the new network, I have to edit its configuration file (ex. wpa_supplicant.conf). Editing it manually is very time-consuming for me, So I made the shell-script program wifi-entries-setup to add the new Wi-Fi entry to the assigned configuration file.


  • Input Wi-Fi entry (SSID, [Passphrase]) are added to the assigned configuration file (ex. wpa_supplicant.conf)
  • On root priviledge input SSID and Passphrase (optional) interactively following the prompt


Usage: wifi-entries-setup [-h]

Get the root privilege and execute wifi-entries-setup. Input SSID and Passphrase (optional) interactively following the prompt.

  • Passphrase is not given, then the entry is registered as the open network.
  • If the command executed with -h option, the help message is appeared.


Add the wireless network whose SSID and passphrase are "foo" and "foobarbaz", respectively.

# wifi-entries-setup
Starting to scan WiFi ...
0: foo
1: bar
2: baz

Which SSID is registered? (input by No.) > 0
Input passphrase (default NONE) > foobarbaz
Protected Wifi network
SSID foo was registered and you can connect.


Refer to README.

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