Provided a training

30 Apr 2017

Today B company's customers came to have the training we provided. If I had included in the English discussion understading only 30% of their explanation, it would have been normal. But the problem was that I would provide the training for one and a half hours. Furthermore my Indian colleague had told me this plan the previous day. Even though they had told me it, I might not have prepared the training enough…

The customers were two. One seemed to be young and he heard our talk and sometimes took notes eagealy. He was kind and sociable, I thought. The other looked older, about 40 years old, I estimated. Though he sometimes noded his head getting enough explanation, he was usually frowned. He was probably who I didn't get along with.

After my lunch, I would start to provide the training. But from the begining my plan was forced to be changed. I thought I would explain using the presentation, then they would deal with some exercise using our demo machine. But they moved to the vacant room which has no screens, since there are our demo machines. So I couldn't use the presentation. It was difficult for me to explain in English without seeing the resources.

They sat by a demo machine and looked waiting for me. My colleague had asked me to tell how to tune our motor, so I tried to explain operating the demo machine. But I took about 20 seconds to make the one saying. It was very time-consuming. The older customer had been frowned and he frequently started to talk by the mobile phone. After I talked with them for about 30 minutes, my colleague encouraged me to change. Finishing only 30%, I thought it is better for customers and I took over an Indian colleague. I felt my poor English deadly.

Through this experience I thought it is very important to tell my Indian colleague my plan in advance. I have to try to make the easy environment to tell in English. Though I did, I know, I would have difficulty communicating with Indian customers in English. Second important is getting the customers' information like having the experience of using our products, and so on. This will help me to decide what topic I should give. Next time I will try these two points.

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