First visiting a customer

21 Apr 2017

Today I visited the customer without other Japanese employees for the first time since I had reached Bangalore. I and an Indian employee went to A company and we looked into the old model of our product mounted on the cutting-metal machine. The customers wanted to replace the old model with the newer one because its manufacturing had already been stopped and they could not get our support in the future.

The communication in English is difficult for me. Before we left our office, I thought we would inspect the customer's application to introduce our motor not seeing our old motor. Many Japanese employee around me complaint that what Indian people told was changed soon. But I thought in my case English communication made it difficult to hear their plan. Anyway we had to look into our old model, peripheral devices, and the space where the motor was mounted. The work was not difficult, but there was a mistake that my Indian partner left the cable in the office, which was used when we extract the data from our products. I thought it was not a big problem because all we have to do is only to visit the customer again. When we were about to leave the machine area after getting enough information, the customer ask me to do another small task. It was to change the language of panel controller from Japanese to English. They seemed to think that I could read the panel controller and change the language configuration. Of course I could read Japanese displayed on panel, but unfortunately its software didn't have the function to change the language. So I could not change the language and I told only my opinion.

I had a question why the customer asked me, Japanese in other company to change the configuration of other manufacture's product. I saw and greeted some Japanese employees there!

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