07 Apr 2017

Today is a first day of my blog. The reason why I start my blog is I am living in India and I want to remember the occurrence and people I saw here. At first blog I want to introduce myself.

I am an employee in a Japanese global company. After graduating the university I started to work in the current company of my first choice. You may think I have had a satisfying life so far, but the real is not so. I actually have had neurosis for about ten years. I don't want to do, but I have took medicine every day. Since I was an university student, I have got worse and better repeatedly, but my illness have been gradually worse in the long run. My symptom is OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder), which is that bad thought constrains my mental and causes me uneasiness, and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder), which is that in my case my hand trembles in the presence of other people and I tries to hide it and feel very tired. In my company most employees have lunch with those who was hired in the same year and I also do so. But I often felt uncomfortable because I have difficulty focusing their talk and talking with them due to my hand's tremble. My colleagues often told me off that I should listen to others' talk. (My colleagues, further all people except my parents and my psychiatrists don't know my disease.) I wanted to focus their talk, but for me it had already been difficult. So their scolding scared me much. Moreover some colleagues sometimes abused me apparently. Every time I had lunch at my office, I had a hard time.

While I had such a time, my company decided to send me to Indian office for half an year. Every year my Japanese office sends a employee to Indian office, so it chose me this year mainly because I had a good score of English test. Informed of my visit, I thought I had a good chance to avoid seeing my colleagues and additionally my English skill would be trained much (I am not good at speaking English). My mental disorder reduced my sociability, but it also made me to need much skill and knowledge. After my company's decision my bad result of a health examination might stop my visiting, but as a result it allowed me to go to India. I am in India now and have a better life in Indian office than in Japanese office. My personal goal in India is to master speaking English since many people in India can speak English and I have many chances to use my English. I started this blog to remember the occurrence in India and to train my English. Kindly post comments and advice related to English.

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