ISCKON temple

09 Apr 2017

In Indian office my company gives an driver to Japanese resident employees to go to the office. My driver often encourage me to go sightseeing on Sunday because, I think, he wants to make money. But actually he seems to know many sightseeing places in Bangalore, so I decided to go to ISCKON Temple Bangalore, which is one of the largest ISCKON temple in the world. The objective of ISCKON temple is to propagate Krishna consciousness around the world.

Reaching there with my driver, I was surprised at taking off shoes and socks to enter the temple. I tried to think it is Hindu culture and followed it. Inside the temple I saw big golden statues of Hindu gods. I prayed in the similar way Indian people did. Following the suggested route, there were many shops where food and sweets are sold. My driver encourage me to buy some foods, but I declined his advice since I had known Indian foods probably don't suit my taste. Because he encouraged strongly, I drank only the sweet milk including something sweet formed like the soft and short branch. It was not what I can't drink, but one cup was enough for me ….

I was in the temple for about one hour and the time is appropriate for me. I knew Indian culture a little and it satisfied me.

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