Indian rice

16 Apr 2017

I have been in India for about one month. When I stayed home, I always had Japanese rice and I was satisfied with it. But all Japanese rice I brought from Japan is consumed yesterday. So when I went shopping with my Indian driver as usual, I asked him where I can buy Japanese rice. He told that getting Japanese rice in India is very difficult. Here is India, so I'm convinced of his answer. In such a way I had no choice but to buy Indian rice, so I did it. I thought that the difference between Japanese and Indian rice is not big deal, since I have not felt the taste of Japanese rice I always have. Only difference is that Indian rice is longer and narrower than Japanese one, I thought.

In the evening I cooked chiken, onion and green pepper which are boiled with Chinese taste sauce. The side dish was well cooked for me. While I cooked, the rice was completed. Then I started to have dinner. The side dish is very good, but Indian rice doesn't suit me at all. Indian rice totally removed the good taste of my side dish! I knew the importance of rice at that time.

Next day I cooked much fied rice from all Indian rice. It can be eaten if I try to do.

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